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New Life Surrogacy is a compassionate agency dedicated to fostering the creation of life, spreading joy, and nurturing dreams. Our team consists of experts in clinical, psychological, and legal aspects of surrogacy, including individuals who have worked in the industry, been Intended parents, and served as surrogates themselves.

Beyond our professional qualifications, we consider ourselves a close-knit family—a community united by the common goal of helping others experience the joy of parenthood. With a profound understanding of every facet of the surrogacy journey, our team is ready to guide you with both wisdom and empathy. Your story matters to us, and we invite you to become a valued part of our community.

Our MISSION is not just to ensure the success of the surrogacy process but to make it a life-affirming and gratifying experience for everyone involved. We aspire to go beyond the practicalities and create a journey that is emotionally enriching and fulfilling for all.

Surrogacy Agency

We offer holistic services: from precise matchmaking to legal and medical guidance. Our in-house team includes experienced clinical advisors, licensed nutritionists, and psychologists for comprehensive support.

We provide access to top-tier medical facilities, legal advisors, and support networks. Beyond resources, our agency fosters a warm, supportive community where everyone feels valued—a key aspect setting us apart as a leading surrogacy agency.


"Nestled in Southern California
our surrogacy agency serves as the hub connecting families nationwide with dedicated surrogate mothers"

  • What kind of relationship can surrogates expect to have with the intended parents?

    At New Life Surrogacy, we emphasize the importance of cultivating a strong bond between surrogates and intended parents. Our unique approach allows surrogates the opportunity to choose their intended parents, and we actively facilitate continuous communication and relationship-building throughout the entire surrogacy journey. We believe that this personal connection contributes to a more meaningful and supportive experience for all parties involved.

  • What types of support are provided to surrogate mothers by New Life Surrogacy throughout their journey?

    New Life Surrogacy provides extensive and multifaceted support for our surrogate mothers. This includes a dedicated 24/7 case management team, regular check-ins with our nutritionist and psychologist, participation in community events, and access to surrogate retreats. Our overarching goal is to ensure that the surrogacy journey is not only positive but also enriching for our surrogate mothers. For detailed information on surrogate compensation and benefits, we encourage you to learn more about the specific offerings in this regard.

  • What is the process for selecting surrogates at New Life Surrogacy?

    At New Life Surrogacy, we prioritize the health and well-being of our surrogates and the precious babies they carry. Our comprehensive screening process involves thorough medical and psychological evaluations for prospective surrogates. To qualify, individuals must meet specific criteria, including a designated age range, a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, and a successful history of pregnancy. To delve deeper into the qualifications required to become a surrogate, we invite you to learn more about our detailed criteria.

  • Where does New Life surrogacy operate?

    New Life Surrogacy takes pride in assisting families in their journey to parenthood, both within the U.S. and internationally, as long as surrogacy is legally permitted in your state. While we have a robust presence in California, Oregon, and Nevada, we collaborate with surrogates and families from all corners of the nation and beyond, extending our support to those seeking to fulfill their dreams of parenthood.

    Our Locations:

    2100 Main Street Suite 102, Irvine CA 92614


    1709, 17/F, Tower C, Oriental Media, Chaoyang District, Beijing
    509,Upper West Shanghai Office Tower3,NO.69 Lishang Road,Putuo,Shanghai
    Room 2108A, 2109B, Building 4, Excellence Century Plaza, Fuhua 3rd Road, Futian District, Shenzhen

    Richmond: 6388 No. 3 Rd, Unit 1215 , Richmond BC V6Y 2B3, Canada
    Alberta:#210, 8944-182 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 2E3, Canada
    Saskatoon:415 Wellman Crescent, Saskatoon, SK S7T 0J1, Canada

  • What sets New Life Surrogacy apart from other surrogacy agencies?

    New Life Surrogacy stands out in its unwavering dedication to the overall well-being of both surrogate mothers and intended parents. Going beyond basic facilitation, we provide holistic support, including clinical advice, nutritional counseling, and psychological assistance. What truly distinguishes us is the autonomy granted to our surrogate mothers, allowing them to select their intended parents for a personal and meaningful surrogacy journey. Our support structure involves an entire team and a strong community, ensuring a comprehensive network of care. Our commitment extends beyond childbirth, maintaining ongoing communication and empowering surrogate mothers to support others within our community.